Interview in Library Journal: Stefan Rudnicki

Behind the Mike: with Stefan Rudnicki, October 15, 2010

LJ reviewer Lance Eaton, who last interviewed Barbara Rosenblat (LJ 5/1/10), talks to the Audie Award winner

By Lance Eaton Oct 15, 2010

In the past 16 years, Stefan Rudnicki has produced, directed, and narrated over 2000 audiobooks, several of them Grammy and Audie Award winners. His deep, gravelly voice can be heard across a wide range of genres, though he is perhaps best known for his narration of sf titles. His latest recordings include Harry Sidebottom’s King of Kings (Oct. 1) and I.J. Singer’s The Brothers Ashkenazi (Oct. 19), both from Blackstone Audio.

How do you prepare for narrating a new book?

Because I average a book a week, there’s obviously no time to read every word prior to recording. In fact, I’ve found that on those occasions where I have studied the text fully, a kind of spontaneity is lost. [So] over the years I’ve developed a method of scanning a book for a few key types of data.

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