Letter to the Editor in Salem News

 Letter: Don't blame school for kids' misbehavior

Letter to the editor published in the Salem News on May 10, 2010.

To the editor:

Regarding the Friday, May 7, letter headlined "Crackdown needed at Higgins Middle School":
John Haight's concern about cyberbullying is well felt, but his blame seems misdirected. While the school represents the focus and source for cyberbullying to take place; a good deal of it takes place at home or really anywhere with cell phones. Removing cell phones from school may be an option, but it's a Band-Aid solution.

Also, schools have no grounds for forbidding online profiles; that's a parent's concern and rightly so.
It's clear Haight is troubled by the lack of communication — though it's often hard to decide what is a clear matter of cyberbulling and, more importantly, since these are minors, who gets told what. Publishing their names as far as I know is illegal, since they are minors.

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