Greetings and Salutations: Or, Why I Think the Slogan Works

Welcome to this new blog.  I would love to have a solid and clear mission statement here that was inspiring and cause you, the dear reader, to be awed and moved and ready to RSS this thing in every way possible.  But it’s not likely.

The slogan I’ve come to decide upon with this blog is:

The Hitchhiking Adjunct:  Taking a ride into whatever direction opportunities and life takes me.

I like it, because it accurately represents me in so many ways.  As a full-time adjunct, I am among the nomadic tribes of college educators who go everywhere but settle nowhere.  I say that not negatively, but rather compellingly because for me, that’s part of the beauty and reality of my life or just life in general.  Us, “humans” are a pesky lot that strive for permanence in a universe where no such thing exists.  To be in flux is what life is and being an adjunct, merely an accent upon it all.  I know, I’m probably a bit too philosophical about it, but it works for me.

The slogan seems also appropriate since it does indeed represent my versatile interests.  I follow where the wind takes me.  And by wind, I mean my interests.  Indeed, they’ve taken me far.  My father and I still joke that while he thought I was wasting my time reading comics as a kid, I have managed to get paid at several schools to teach courses on comics or in other college courses use my knowledge of comics and introduced them into the class.

Anyhow, I’ll keep this short and save the more verbose and tedious entries for the future.  Thanks for coming.

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