Finding the Point

So as you can tell by my first two posts, I’ve been toiling away and thinking about what I’m going to do here in this ole blog of mine.  I had lots of trouble finding a focus and angle with which to engage in this form but I had the light-bulb flickering today of how to go about this.  I realized that the best way for me to organize or focus my thoughts within this blog would be to think about who would be served best with my ramblings.  Well, who has been served best (ok, that’s a big claim) by my ramblings in the past.  My students, of course.  That is, semester after semester there is ample material that I come across in which I think could be useful in any of the various courses that I teach and here would be an excellent opportunity to keep track of them and allow for asynchronous discussion from the different vantage points.

Here’s what I’m imagining; though have no clue if it will ever be this good.  As I come across articles, ideas, thoughts, and relevant material that I think is worth mention but also discussing, I will include in here.  But, by assigning different tags (comics, history, literature, etc), I will also categorize it for future use.  At the end of each segment, I plan on asking questions directed at the different courses/subject areas that the article might be applicable to. 

What I foresee and hope for the project is an ongoing discussion with students of different times (both with me and with each other over a singular semester and beyond) as new students enter, others exist, and still some linger around because it’s a good conversation.  In a lot of ways, this corresponds to my ever-evolving philosophy of teaching.  I tend to see my “role” as a college-instructor as symbiotic, gaining a great deal of material, ideas, and inspiration from my students and hopefully, that is reciprocated and will continue to be so beyond just the standard classroom setting.  I’m invested in my students’ intellectual development and want to provide opportunities for them further engage and benefit from my experience, knowledge, and resources.  I think this forum will significantly help me reach those goals in new ways. 

Well, I feel good; I feel like I’ve found my place and can surge ahead in my discussion and purpose. 

Of course, this sounds either really interesting to my non-existent (or not yet fully formed) readership or just redundant/irrelevant to those future students who are subject to scouring this blog for material to discuss.  To the former, I have nothing to say since you’re nonexistent.  To the latter, I simply say, this should be familiar to you; you know, me rambling on, trying to make sense of things.  Share and enjoy. 

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