The Daily StickMan Adventures - August 22, 2016

So welcome to another new series of posts I will be embarking upon in this blog.  These will be among the most simple but also the most useful for me.  They are very simple stick-figure images or as I will call them, The Daily StickMan.  Don't expect much from these in terms of heavy content.  Rather, they are an opportunity for me to try my hand at simple daily creativity as just a means to get outside my own head.  I have not clue how long this will last.  I hope it will go on for a while, but I really don't know.

So why am I doing it?  Well, I am horrible at drawing.  Horrible.  And I'm largely ok with that but I still like the idea of using drawing to processing or think or share.  I think if I am given the challenge to spend 2-4 minutes a day trying to draw something and then share it out, it will push me to think about things in different ways or to present them in different ways.  And honestly, it's just fun.  So, welcome to the first edition of The Daily Stickman Adventures.  Don't expect much and I'll definitely not disappoint you.  

You may have already seen this first one but expect new ones every day or as close as I can muster! 

The Daily Stickman - 8-21-2016

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