Photo Reflection of the Day #168: Danvers In the Morning

Danvers In the Morning - 20150901_053428

What Is It

Downtown Danvers at 5:30AM

Why It's Today's Pick

On morning that I don't run, I usually still get up around 5am and go to a coffee shop.  It used to be Starbucks because that's the only wi-fi free coffee shop that I know to be open at that hour.  But in the last six months, I've been regularly visiting Kaffmandu Coffee House in downtown Danvers.  I usually get there about 5:30am and do some reading or writing for 1.5 hours before gong to work.  It's been interesting to watch the sky go from sunrise to by the time I get there at 5:30am to still dark.  I like this photo in particular of the downtown area because it is so desolate and quiet.  It was a silence of the morning where one can easily hear one's footsteps and any approaching car can be heard well in advance.  This is of course and another cool part of the early morning.  The quiet and then slow emergence of sound as the world awakens.

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