Photo Reflection of the Day #161: Clouds Closing In on Salem

Clouds Closing In on Salem - 20150821_183949

What Is It

Downtown Salem as a storm makes its way in.  

Why It's Today's Pick

It's that time of year where thunderstorms become a bit of the norm.  Lots of humidity and heat and thunderstorms arrive almost as quickly as they disappear.  I happen to be parking my car at the downtown parking lot in Salem and went to the top floor, which doesn't have a roof and got to witness the approaching storm.  That wave of clouds seems so oppressive and ready to just take over.  I love the eve of a storm, where one can feel the changing weather.  Often this includes the rustling of wind but also a quieting that takes place and of course, a light drop in temperature--if not extreme then at least because the sun is no longer bearing down.   

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