Photo Reflection of the Day #156: Dark Skies Ahead

Dark Skies Ahead - 20150815_174116

What Is It

A panoramic view of Salem Willows waterfront with an incoming storm.  

Why It's Today's Pick

I highly recommend that you click through on this view as the panoramic photo is pretty awesome.   I love contrast between the light and dark skies.  Towards the right, there was occasional lightning and you could see rain coming down.  It was clear that wind was even working its might on the waters. I also love the grounding of the film--it seems almost perfectly mixing foreground with grass, rocks, and sands, water, and sky.   I haven't played much with the panoramic option on my phone, but now seeing the kind of photos it can take, I will probably do more with this feature.  

This submission is part of the 365 Challenge.  For 2015's submissions, check out this link to all the posts.  For access to all photos, which open for reuse under a Creative Commons License, check out the full album on Flickr.

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