Photo Reflection of the Day #155: Dinner...On the Rocks

Dinner...On the Rocks - 20150815_163223

What Is It

A seagull in mid-flight dropping a clam upon the rocks.

Why It's Today's Pick

I know--seagulls, 2 days in a row!  While enjoying the Salem Jazz Festival at Salem Willows this weekend, My wife, a friend, and I wandered over another waterfront that wasn't as active.  We sat, just enjoying the view and chatting, until we notices that the seagulls were trying to make dinner.  This gull as you can see is in mid-flight, dropping off his dinner to fall upon the rocks.  So the initial action shot I was pretty impressed with as I generally don't go for action shots since I'm only using my cellphone and don't really have a sense of how to do action shots.  However, I was equally impressed when I applied a filter and the light schema of the clouds became so much more pronounced.  If you take out the houses and maybe the boats, you have something that could be a film poster for some independent drama film.  

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