Photo Reflection of the Day #151: #SelfieSunday #22

#SelfieSunday #22 2015-08-15_08-36-24

What Is It

A selfie of my shadow.

Why It's Today's Pick

I haven't done a selfie since June, despite wanting to do one weekly.  Ooops!  I should get back to that.  This was a fun one to take on my way back from a run.  First, it makes me feel like I'm 100 feet tall and who knew my legs are so long.  With legs like those, you'd think I'd run faster.  This shadow has a fun-house feel to it but that's what comes of taking photos in the early hours of the day.  I wish I was more awake and aware when I took it.  I would have moved over a bit and had the arrow either pointing down at my head or do something else creative using what's on the ground.  Next time, I suppose.  

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