Photo Reflection of the Day #138: When I Look Down, I See Sky

When I Look Down, I See Sky 20150710_122519

What Is It

The reflection of the sky from the bridge on Bridge Street in Beverly.

Why It's Today's Pick

I really like how this picture came out.  Unless it's early in the morning, trying to get a go reflection shot in this area is not likely.  Often, by 8am, there is enough movement in the water that it doesn't look this pristine--too many waves.  But I got this shot while finishing a run.  I thought about doing one without the bridge parts visible, but I liked it much better--more authentic in terms of being a reflection.  I think it also worked because the sun wasn't at maximum visibility as I think that it might have drowned out  the other clouds.  Instead, it seems like an almost perfect replica of the sky--just with a green tint.  

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