Photo Reflection of the Day #136: Classics Are Always In Front

Classics Are Always In Front - 20150706_111646

What Is It

A bookcase filled with classic books to be found just as you enter the Woburn Library.

Why It's Today's Pick

As many know, I am a huge fan of the library.  I frequent it almost daily and regularly encourages friends, colleagues, students, and random strangers to full abuse (I mean use!) the library.  Each library has its own character and personality that reveals itself as you look through its shelves and explore its displays.  However, I find Woburn Public Library to be on of my favorite.  Nevermind that the audiobook section is probably the closest section near the main desk area, but the very first cart that you are likely to encounter is the classics collection.  It doesn't look like it is their only "classics" section, but it does look like they keep this rolling bookcase near the entrance for quick access by patrons and I find that to be pretty cool.  It says something about the library in its desire to keep classic texts--books that have been read and appreciated by previous generations near the entrance.  It says, "Welcome!  Here are some of the time-tested books that we think you will enjoy, and if not, don't worry, there's plenty more to explore here!"   I always stop to look to see if there's a classic that grabs my attention and demands to be read (not that I've read all the classics, but I usually wait until certain ones call to me).  

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