Photo Reflection of the Day #134: That's Not A Ship

That's Not A Ship - 20150630_094227

What Is It

The end of a railroad where it mees with a shipyard and a giant concrete building where there appears to be some kind of production going on as well as a "Mayflower" shipping truck.  

Why It's Today's Pick

I found this image a bit haunting and curious.  I had run by it the day before while exploring Halifax but came back for a walk earlier today to capture it.  There's an element of industrialized destitution with the rusted train tracks, the massive, water-stained concrete building, and the train carts allow which seem to be slowly getting swallowed by the abundance of green weeds.  The Mayflower truck are curious because it's a moving and storage company out of Halifax named after the Mayflower that came to Massachusetts (that seems likely given that the icon next to the right of the title is a ship).  All of it seems foreboding or strange--something almost alien.  I would love to go exploring in there as if it were an abandoned lot but it was also clear that there is a good deal of bustle as those train carts had disappeared hours later when I returned.

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