Photo Reflection of the Day #134: The Bookman Statue

The Bookman Statue - 20150625_085830

What Is It

A photo of a statue at the MBTA Central Station in Lynn.

Why It's Today's Pick

I really like this statue.  Clearly, we know that part of the reason is that I'm a shameless bibliophile.  Of course, I also teach literature at North Shore Community College, which is right across the street from this statue.  But I love what the statue communicates.  The person sits upon a throne of books.  They hold him up and indeed, when you look close enough, they even are a part of him.  In fact, it's hard to tell where the books end and the person begins.  It's a great metaphor about books and by proxy, learning.  I find it also fascinating that the person is largely naked--speaking to how deeply books become a part of us--surpassing the exterior and delving into our private world.  I look at this statue and I regularly wonder--which books are they that make up this person.  

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