Photo Reflection of the Day #132: Iron Eye

Iron Eye - 20150623_061438

What Is It

A metal hoop in cement near Ferncroft Pond.

Why It's Today's Pick

Upon a walk this morning, I decided to stop by Ferncroft Pond.  I occasionally visit this small little nestled and rarely visited nook that's off of Ferncroft Road, down the street from North Shore Community College.  It was a calm and slightly hazy morning and there was a nature-induced soundscape of birds, a slight breeze, insects chirping and even the occasional bullfrog letting one loose.  I thought about snapping a photo of the pond, but then I spotted this figure in the ground and thought it could make a more powerful centerpiece to the photo.  I liked how it came out overall, though if I were to take it again, I would try to have some of the water seen within middle part as this would make for an interesting balance and visual.  It still turned out well.

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