Photo Reflection of the Day #130: Nickels & Dimes

Nickels & Dimes

What Is It

A nickel and dime on a key-ring.

Why It's Today's Pick

Yesterday, I finished the first three week intensive of the doctoral program I am in.  I say "I"--but it feels awkward in my mouth.  I'm inclined to say "we".  We as in our cohort.  The twelve students from all walks of life but all in higher education that are starting down that path to a doctoral degree together.  One of us suggested we should be the Nickels & Dimes since we are "Cohort 2015" and when you put together a dime and a nickel, you get fifteen.  It stuck and the same cohort member made these keychains for us.  I really like this symbol that I know carry around on my keys.  It represents the journey that I am on--the journey that we are on.  It's an amazing and powerful adventure we're on and it's a privilege and delight to be doing it with such a great group!s  So if you see the nickel and dime on my keychain--you'll know why.

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