Photo Reflection of the Day #128: Which One of Us Is The Turtle?

Which One of Us Is The Turtle? 2015-06-13_03-45-30

What Is It

Another turtle that I ran into on my run today.

Why It's Today's Pick

I was on a run today and nearly toppled over this guy (or gal--she may be looking for a place to drop some eggs).  It's not the same turtle or anywhere near the last turtle I ran into and I felt obliged to take a photo.  I think I needed to see the turtle on my run today.  I was going for a longer run and just wasn't getting the momentum or rhythm that I wanted.  I didn't expect to run fast per se (relatively speaking), but I was hoping to cover a long distance (about 15 miles).  Alas, neither hope was intended.  However, by seeing the turtle, it just reminded me that sometimes, slow and steady is what you need.  A mile is a mile after all and if I did 11 of them, that's still good work!

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