Photo Reflection of the Day #123: Menacing Hippos

Menacing Hippos - 2015-05-29_12-33-31

What Is It

A stone lawn hippo in the grass.

Why It's Today's Pick

Another interesting find on a morning run.  I had finished my run and was cooling down with a walk when I found the hippo.  I thought he was cute but then I wondered how he might look through the grass.  From this vantage point, I feel like it slightly recreated the tall grasses of the savanna, glimpsing a look at a hippo who just happened to notice me and is not happy about it.  The lack of any color beyond the gray stone makes this fellow look rather menacing like I just interrupted him.  Lawn ornaments are always curious things.  We acquire them and throw them on out lawns and in our yards but what do we suggest or imply by displaying them?  Does this person have an affinity for hippos?  Was it just something to store a plant in (it looks like it's more of a plant holder) that they decided was cute enough for the front yard?  

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