Photo Reflection of the Day #122: #TurtlePower

#TurtlePower - 20150527_060432

What Is It

A turtle I ran into on my run this morning. 

Why It's today's Pick

I could blame the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but I think my obsession with turtles existed well before them.  Like frogs, I sought out turtles in the swamps at camp.  In fact, frogs were easy--turtles were precious and cool.  I brought home my fair share of turtles, much to my father's chagrin as he is left caring for the one for well over a quarter century now that I'm destined to inherit.  So when I was on my run this morning, I was utterly delighted to meet this fellow who seemed to be trying to get his (or her) morning fix of SoBe.  Given how far she was from water, I figured she was looking for a place to lay eggs, but got distracted by this colorful bottom (I removed it from her immediate area).  There's just something cool about turtles.  They carry their homes with them, they have strange but intriguing faces and swim in a way that be both graceful and bumbling--often how I feel when running.  

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