Photo Reflection of the Day #121: Cloud Deep

Cloud Deep - 2015-05-26_10-31-05

What Is It

The sun hiding behind a cloud this morning.

Why It's Today's Pick

I had a couple good shots to share today so it was hard to just choose this one.  My run this morning apparently was picturesque, which I certainly won't complain about.  I snagged this shot while walking over the Salem-Beverly bridge.  Beyond capturing the sun behind the cloud in such a cool way, I liked the photo for other reasons.  The various levels of colors and clouds was diverse from the blue at the center to the grays and other colors in the bottom right corner.  I also liked that while the sun was hidden behind the cloud, you could see it reflecting in the water in the background.  Finally, the sun looks kind of like an eye to a strange cloud-create that is approaching a wall of clouds.

This submission is part of the 365 Challenge.  For 2015's submissions, check out this link to all the posts.  For access to all photos, which open for reuse under a Creative Commons License, check out the full album on Flickr.

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