Photo Reflection of the Day #118: From One House to the Next

From One House to the Next - 20150521_064318

What Is It

A house with it's back half made of brick and it's front half made of wood.

Why It's Today's Pick

I pass this house regularly when out for a run.  It's a strange house wherein it seems to have two distinct parts that by my guess would be made at different times.  There is the brick half and the wooden half.  To look at it from afar, it seems almost as if the wooden part has been partially birthed from the brick and is either trying to break free or possibly will give birth to it's own new domicile protruding from it's front.  It's a strange thought for sure, but there seems no other way of reconciling the two buildings.  I also wonder about how the inside is structure as I see near the top of the building there is an air conditioner that's embedded in the wall, but if you look closely enough, there is also an AC in the window less than four feet away.  Are these separate rooms or does the one in the wall no longer work and it was easier to replace than to fix?

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