Photo Reflection of the Day #116: #SelfieSunday #20

#SelfieSunday #20 - 2015-05-17_12-05-20

What Is It

Selfie #20.

Why It's Today's Pick

Wow--#20--only 32 more to go, right?  I went with a straight on shot and skipped the running pic for the day.  I maybe should have cropped this photo a bit more.  I appear off-center.  I probably should have accounted for shadow more.  Oh well.  My left-eye (right eye to the viewer) is definitely more haggard than my right.  I blame this on allergies and the fact that they give my left eye more irritation than my right, but I'm clueless as to why.  I'm also noticing that I'm having trouble reconciling my face since it lacks (much) facial hair and I've been pretty scruffy for a few months now.  The things you notice (or don't) when trying to look yourself in the face, right?

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