Photo Reflection of the Day #114: Say Hello to My Lil Friend...

Say Hello to My Lil Friend...2015-05-12_09-48-51

What Is It

A spider walking along the floor at the college.

Why It's Today's Pick

I found this little fellow on the flow when I was walking up the stairs at work.  I like the picture more for the aesthetics.  The flash gave it a grayer look than it might have had otherwise.  Also, you can't actually tell whether it is a floor or the wall  The spider's presence of course changes how we look at the wall.  No longer just a surface but a surface with something potentially sinister.  I was glad that all the legs were visible and the spider itself came in so clearly.  All in all, I like how this one turned out--especially because the 8 others that I took were all blurry!

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