Photo Reflection of the Day #112: #SelfieSunday #19; Or Here's the Face of an Idiot!

#SelfieSunday #19; Or Here's the Face of an Idiot! 2015-05-10_12-36-22

What Is It

Post race selfie.

Why It's Today's Pick

So I got up at the crack of dawn (4:30am) to get ready and drive 1.5 hours to run a half-marathon in Maine.  Unfortunately, that half-marathon was yesterday.  Now, there is some explanation for my idiocy--I didn't just do this of no accord, but much of the problem came from not paying attention to details.  I had originally signed up for a marathon for today back in March.  I realized I wouldn't be ready for a marathon today and switched to the half-marathon they were offering a few weeks back.  They said I was good to go and I never remembered to double-check the dates because the half-marathon was to be run on Saturday.  I can only imagine what the folks at registration were thinking.  I got back in my car, posted about it on Facebook--my idiocy--because I'm forever amused about such mistakes in my life.  On the way home, I found out that a friend of mine was running a race near where I live that was just 3-mile loops for up to six hours.  I was familiar with the place and figured I would go and sign up.  I did and also met my friend there.  I though that the race would be mostly pact gravel or even cement roads.  Unfortunately, half the loop was rocky and rooted terrain which is really hard on the Vibrams.  I made it 2 loops and called it a day.  So yes, today, this selfie is of an idiot!    

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