Photo Reflection of the Day #109: Saying No

Saying No - 2015-05-07_08-23-39

What Is It

A cupcake offered to me by a coworker.  

Why It's Today's Pick

So today's pic comes to us from the realm of food porn...ok, not really--but it's a catchy line, right?  This cupcake was kindly offered to me by a coworker who upon not being able to eat it because of dietary issues, gave it to me.  I accepted it and let it sit there for a while before deciding what to do.  About two weeks back, I had decided that give up traditional desserts and replace it with fruit.  Every time I have had a crazing for the last few weeks for something sweet, I reached for fruit.  Also, I largely removed fruit from my general diet and focused on it as a treat.  Instead of having 4-6 clementines (or 2 oranges), a few apples, and berries throughout the day, I worked on making fruit a reward.  I realized that when my body craves sugar, I can respond to it with the right kind of sugar.  I've made the transition quite well and am making sure that I regularly treat myself daily with fruit.  So the cupcake sat at my desk--none of my coworkers know of my transition and I have always been a sweets guy.  The coworker was in a rush so I didn't feel the desire to explain why I couldn't accept it and just did.  But it sat there and eventually, I did throw it away.  I'm not happy that I threw it away but I am happy that I managed to say no to it.  That's a pretty big step for me as I've always been a "Yes Man" when it comes to most food.  And that's probably where some of the realization came with the switch to fruit as treats.  When I became a vegetarian, it helped me navigate a complicated path (what to eat) and instilled an element of censorship (no meat) that triggered a second set of questions (what can I eat, what should I eat, how much should I eat).  Moving to fruit does a similar thing in triggering decisions around desserts.  And while being vegetarian has led me to loss and maintain a 50 pound loss over the last 7 years, I don't know that switching to fruits will wield the same result, but I'm sure I'm the better for it.  

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