Photo Reflection of the Day #108: The Side That Cannot Be Walked

What Is It

A giant tree growing up next to the sidewalk.

Why It's Today's Pick

After finishing my evening run, I was walking the neighborhood when I stumbled upon this fine fellow.  This tree seems so wide that I doubted me and another person could wrap our hands around it.  So beastly was it that the sidewalk curved around it, realizing it was a fight it could not win.  It was curious to see the molds on the tree as I assume this is where branches had been removed, but the several strong arms of the tree were still impressive.  I imagined that if I grew up in this neighborhood, I would definitely make climbing this tree a habit.  Were I not tired from the run, I might have been tempted.   We had a similar enormous tree on our street growing up but the shortest limbs were some twenty feet up.  

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