Photo Reflection of the Day #106: #SelfieSunday #18

What Is It

A selfie from me from the Beverly-Salem Bridge after finishing a 15 mile run.

Why It's Today's Pick

So today's selfie.  It's curious in that while contemplating what selfie I was going to snap today that I happen to be listening to Steven Johnson's How We Got To Now.  It's an intriguing book that explores how several hummingbird effect inventions changed and influenced much in history.  I'm a big fan of Johnson's work and find he often has ways to get us to think differently about the world around.  In this case, he was discussing the impact of glass and that includes the impact of mirrors.  He notes that there were virtually no self-portraits in existence before the Renaissance--the same time around which we see the emergence of the mirror and people actually capable of looking themselves in the face.  He explores how the exploration of one's self is a reflective process that gave rise to the cultural acceptance of the individual (and the inalienable rights).  So I feel a bit less silly in taking selfies, knowing that it is tied to a long tradition of self-reflection.  

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