Photo Reflection of the Day #105: Man vs. Nature

What Is It

A shopping cart in an inlet in Beverly.  

Why It's Today's Pick

Today's photo was a fascinating one for me to look at and observe.  First off, it is so vivid with its greens that I found that to be intriguing in itself.  The second is that the lighting of the day afforded me great visibility with the water.  Finally, there's the content of the image which came rather timely.  This week, I was finishing up reading, The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell.  The book is a fascinating exploration of all the big and small things one would need to know if society collapsed.  It could be considered a survivalist book, but really, it provides a fascinating look at how our day-to-day lives are impacted by so many different branches of science.  Anyway, part of the book discusses the rate of decay of humankind's impact on the environment and I think this image speaks volumes about that.  This human-made cart is slowly being consumed by the natural world just like everything else on the planet.  We like to think that we are control, but a shopping cart in an inlet can remind us how much more powerful natural is.  

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