Photo Reflection of the Day #102: Scary Skies On a Bright Morning

What Is It

A picture of the sky around 9:00am.

Why It's Today's Pick

I snapped this photo early in the day.  It looks quite dark and gloomy but was quite the opposite.  It's a find spring day in the 50s.  There's no filter here but somehow this is the picture that got captured.  I guess there's your metaphor for the day.  How things actually are in contrast to how things are captured can be two very different things.  It's makes me think about the events of Baltimore and seeing what has been captured (by the news media) as opposed to what the reality is for the people on the ground.  It's so hard to capture reality even in the modern era with all our gadgets and tools--because no matter what, that reality is filtered through individuals--which of course, are finely tuned filter-machines based upon our own experiences and understandings about the world and reality.  

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