Photo Reflection of the Day #101: Under The Bridge...Where's the Troll?

What Is It

A view from under the Beverly-Salem Bridge.

Why It's Today's Pick

Today's picture comes from my afternoon run on my way back, I happen to cross under the Beverly-Salem bridge (it's easier than crossing the street).  I'm always curious about the the inbetween-spaces like underneath the bridge.  It's a place that's not a place, really.  Although this one is home to a parking lot as opposed to the traditionally depicted space where homeless look for shelter.  As a younger bridge, you can see that it still looks fresh and new--water and rust stains barely accumulating in the decade that it's been here.  It's fun to stand here and sense all that's going on.  You can observe the calm waters passing through while the cars rush above and a fish odor wafts from the fishing boats just to the left of this picture while you feel the small wind tunnel that it creates.  It's a full sensory experience for sure!

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