Photo Reflection of the Day #40: Fruit Salad

What Is It

A shot of my fruit salad in front of the window (and on the breadmaker).

Why It's Today's Pick

This was a pretty epic bowl of fruit.  I had just finished running on the treadmill and was looking for some breakfast and pulled together two clementines, an apple, a banana, half a dozen strawberries and a handful of blackberries.  Beyond tasty, it was colorful and I thought it would make a great contrast to the whiteness outside as we are being covered in another foot or so of snow.  I think I also liked the contrast because it reminds me of the privilege I experience, being able to have fresh fruit at my leisure, secure and warm in my home despite the harsh conditions out there.  And in that I am grateful.  That is something that can be so easy to forget for people but I always like to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

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