Photo Reflection of the Day #33: Snowy Running Shoes

What Is It

A pair of my Vibrams in between the window and the screen with snow on them.

Why It's Today's Pick

This is where my Vibrams go after I am done running with them on the treadmill.  No surprise with that.  For those that have run with the Vibrams, they know the propensity for them to get pretty stinky, regardless of the amount of times you wash them.  I thought this was a great contrast--barefoot running (or nearly barefoot running) with another blustering snowstorm.  The snow would hint at their disuse but in fact, they had just been put there a few hours before.  I cringe to think about putting them on in that state. I also like the contrast in this photo of the dark shoes and the white of the background and foreground.  The mesh of the screen seems to add something and helps to establish distance with a half-covered truck in the background.  Meanwhile, the brown of the tree add to the dullness emanating from the picture.

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