Photo Reflection of the Day #24: These Books Ain't Shelving Themselves!

What Is It

Boxes of books in front of my empty bookshelves.

Why It's Today's Pick

Well, we made it.  Despite the snowy mix, our fantastic movers were able to load up the truck and make our way to our new home.  It's been a busy and chaotic day as moving tends to be.  Once the movers had unloaded and we had our fill out emptying boxes, I put all the book boxes near the bookshelves to be shelved later.  There were bigger priorities than my bookshelves.  However, later on in the evening, I managed to get all my boxes over to the shelves and snap this photo.  It feels a bit of a sad one.  The books are so close to their home but not quite there.  And this best summarizes my experience.  We have moved, all our things are here, but it's not quite fully home just yet.  Tomorrow will yield more unpacking of boxes and hopefully we will have our home situated soon.  In the meantime, the books have to settle for the fact that they are quite close--just not entirely there yet.

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