365 Challenge: Catching Up!

I'm really into the home stretch here with the final month.  I'm surprised I've made it this far but so happy I'm here.  I am almost caught up with all the posting that I've been behind on.  I most definitely will be by December 31!  It was a bit much to ask to try to stay consistent the entire year, but I'll be glad if I end up with 365 short stories.  That's a feat I'll be proud of.  

November was a fair share of Kate Chopin and Ambrose Bierce, which was a very curious juxtaposition that I enjoyed.  I appreciated reading new stories by Chopin that I hadn't encountered before and discovering more and more I like the way she captures elements of life.  By contrast, I am glad to be closing in on Bierce to be done with him.  I am glad that I have read the entire works of the man, but am also tied of seeing the same thing time and again.  

So we're down to the final month--I wonder what new reads it will bring!

The reading list of entries thus far:

Anthologies that I've been reading from recently:

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