365 Challenge: 31 Stories for March

Well, that's 3 months completed of a short story a day reflection.  I'm 1/4 of the way through and still doing pretty well with the upkeep.  I've also noticed slow growth of hits which makes me think there may actually be people out there reading this.  You know who you are!  

I definitely have the grove down and do my best to stay ahead--particularly with creating the blog post template so that I can more quickly throw it together and focus on talking about the reading.  I do think some of my reflections could use some work but at the same time, some stories just don't grab me or excite me.  Other times, I am probably more pressed for time than I realize.  

However, what I find I am liking the most is grabbing a book (or my tablet device), plopping on the couch and spending an hour or two reading, sometimes, with a cup of tea and almost always a visiting cat or two to join me.  

By the time this entry is posted, I will have hit the #100 mark.  It does have me thinking about if there is something I want to pursue for next year along these lines such as an essay a day, an academic article a day, or even a poem a day (despite the fact that I'm not as engaged with poetry as I am with other types of literature).  The possibilities....  

For those interested in my past monthly reflections on short stories, here they are:

This months' readings came from the following places:

For a full listing of all the short stories in this series, check out the category 365 Short Stories a year.

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