Social Media and College, or Please Take This Survey

So I've been involved in a range of conversations in the last few years about the nature of social media and college education.  I'm fascinated by the challenges and possibilities that it holds for learning, engagement, and the opportunities it avails for deeper connections for students and faculty alike.

To that end, I've created the following informal survey to start to explore this in more detail than just my own experiences and those within my circle of friends and colleagues.  As I gathering the information over the ensuing months, I will share the results and findings in this blog to open up a more thorough discussion on the topic.

Social Media and College Survey

This survey is examining social media and the college experience.  Primarily, it's geared towards exploring how faculty and students interact via social media both during and beyond the semester that a student and faculty member initially meet.  The information will be largely used to better understand the dynamics of social media, faculty, and students.

Please move through the survey answer questions solely as a student or as a faculty member.  If you have served as both student and faculty (and used social media), then please fill out the survey twice.

This survey is specifically for those students and faculty who have communicated and interacted through social media.  You do not currently have to be a student or faculty member but reflect on your past experiences. If you haven't interacted with a faculty member or a student via social media, please do not fill out this form.

Follow this link to the survey.  Please feel free to forward this link to other faculty and students.

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