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Library Journal: iTeach, iLearn, and iConfused

This past year, I was given the opportunity to write a Content Development article for Library Journal, a publication I have written different pieces for over the years.  This article's focus was on library resources focusing on books related to technology and education.  It was a fun process to find these different resources and explore them.  Here is a brief snippet of the article along with a link to the full piece.

A screenshot from the Library Journal website of the article described herein.
"With the ever-increasing pace of computer processing, technology flies at the speed of light, and our devices are quickly underperforming and becoming clunky and outdated. Yet most books take more than a year from concept to publication, leaving titles on education and technology with a short shelf life. As an instructional designer who works with faculty to help them use technology in pedagogically sound ways at North Shore Community College, I am constantly looking for great books on working with technology in education.

Other librarians, too, must find relevant and long-lasting titles in a field that shows no signs of slowing down. Timeless books may be unicorns, but there are several considerations that can help develop a robust collection of technology and education volumes and resources."

Click through for the full article on Library Journal.

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My Two Hats in Higher Education: Adjunct Faculty & Instructional Designer

So this winter, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to write a piece for The Nexus, a publication for the Massachusetts College Personnel Association about my work as an Instructional Designer and Adjunct.  I took her up on the offer and here is an excerpt.  You can read the full article here.

The Nexus - February 2015 with an article from Lance Eaton.
"I wear two hats in higher education.  My first hat is pretty beaten up but still invaluable.  That’s my adjunct hat.  It’s a hat that I’ve dawned for some eight years and over 100 college sections.  If that math seems like it’s more the speed of a full-time instructor, you might be right.  Several years of part-time teaching included the adjunct shuffle wherein I scooted from college to college (4-5 per semester), stitching together a living.  These included community colleges, state universities, private colleges and for-profit colleges.  What can I say; I got around.  Much of that ceased when I became Coordinator of Instructional Design at North Shore Community College, my second hat.  I continue to teach courses because I still love teaching and also find that it aids me greatly in my role as instructional designer.

Connect With Us
In the adjunct hat, if there is one thing I would advocate to any part of the college to do in order for us to better help you is to make a concerted effort to connect with us.  The research shows that connecting with someone on campus is a major predictor of completion at a college and that an instructor is one of the most common people a student is likely to connect with.  Thus, it’s worth remembering that part-time faculty teach somewhere between half and two-thirds of college courses nowadays.  Fostering a strong relationship with part-time faculty provides additional layers of communication and support for the students."

Follow through for the rest of the piece in The Nexus.

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